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You wish to set aside some of your assets for charitable purposes either while you are still around or after you have passed on but need to address some questions in your mind:-

  • You want to ensure that your wishes would be followed? You wish to appoint a trustworthy person who can execute your instructions by determining which charities your assets will be distributed to.
  • You wish to make a periodical donation and want to appoint the right person to perform these tasks. It may require expertise to make judgement calls to determine that the receiving charity is legitimate and deserving.
  • You may want to leave alternative instructions should the charity organization which you intend to benefit has wind down.
  • And if you are planning for the income of a trust fund to benefit the charitable cause/s for a long period of time, whoever you appoint must be around for that period.
Benefits of a Charitable Trust
  • Ensures your intentions pertaining to the charitable distribution are adhered to.
  • Ensures continuity of distribution to other charitable organizations if the appointed charitable organization has closed down.
  • Ensures the monies in the Trust Fund are well managed to ensure there is continuous income to distribute the funds to the charitable bodies.