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  • You wish to leave your house to your spouse. But your age old mother is also living under the same roof. You are worried that your spouse may sell off the house leaving your mother with no place to live.
  • You have a mentally disabled child. You wish to allow your child to continue to stay in the house during his lifetime.
  • You are worried that after you passed away, the creditors of your estate may claim the family home.
How A Property Trust Helps You
  • With a Property Trust, the distribution of the property to your loved ones can be made without the need to wait for the extraction of the Letters of Representation for your estate.
  • With a Property Trust, you can protect the rights of your loved ones to stay in the particular property until such time that you stipulate.
  • You can prevent your properties from being sold by your spendthrift beneficiaries until they are matured.
  • You can set terms and conditions on your beneficiaries to comply before the property can be transferred to them i.e control of distribution.