Rockwills Presidency Award Champion 2021

Chong’s Secret of Success -- Unwavering Steadfastness

What does it take to be at the top of your game? According to Rockwills Presidency Awards 2021 winner, Chong Mok Yong, it is unwavering steadfastness and belief in what you do.

If anyone should know it would be Chong who has a string of accolades under his belt including:

  • Champion – Chairman Challenge Trophy
  • Champion – Custody Challenge Award
  • Platinum Club & Million Dollar Group member
  • Rockwills Golden Club Personal Double & Group Qualifier

His journey to the top was not smooth sailing. Faced with scepticism and having to take many brickbats, he persevered. Rather than being disheartened he chose to prove his critics wrong by shoring up his knowledge of the business.

More importantly, he was single-minded. He believed in Rockwills and never, for once, thought that he had to look for alternative and supplementary sources of income. He believed in the business and the industry.

Chong understands that being an estate planner is more than just writing wills. It is about building relationships with his clients and giving them peace of mind. Most of all, it is about going the extra mile.

It’s about putting a will together just in time so that a dying lady can pass on in peace. It is about ensuring that a young pregnant wife and her one-year-old son can be protected by a testamentary trust when her elderly husband passed away.

In Chong’s words – “Estate planning is a noble business. I believe in building strong relationships with my REPS and my clients. This is very important to me. It is not just a job that we do every day but it is the joy of sharing and advising my clients and REPS. They are the bedrock of my belief, my passion and focus.”