Marriage revokes a Will written prior to the marriage.

Mr. Lee wrote a Will on 3/1/2010. In the Will he give all his assets to his son Chi Teng and Chi Weng in equal shares, nothing for his Wife Mdm. Liew due to their bad relationship. Subsequently the marriage broke off and he divorced his wife Mdm. Liew in the month of December that year.

On 6/1/2011 he married Ms. Ling, a foreigner.  Since then, they were happily married until the demise of Mr. Lee due to a heart attack on 8/12/2016.

Chi Teng and Chi Weng wanted Ms Ling out of their home and claimed that their father has written a Will and the whole estate is to be shared among the two brothers.

A sad Ms Ling later seeks legal advice from an Estate Planner and later found out that the Will written by Mr. Lee has actually been null and void due to the marriage that took place on 6/1/2011.

In view of the revocation of the Will, Mr. Lee assets is now distributed according to the Distribution Act 1958. As a legal spouse, Ms. Ling receives 25% of the total assets of Mr. Lee. Sons Chi Teng and Chi Weng receive 50% in equal shares and Mdm. Low, the mother of Mr. Lee receives 25% of the total assets.

It is important that a couple who get married should consider a re-write their Will as their priority change when there is a marriage.


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