What are the professional services provided by Rockwills Group of Companies in Malaysia

The following are the specialized services:-

  1. Comprehensive Will-Writing in English and Chinese
  2. Professional Will Custodian Services - Wills Written by Rockwills and Others
  3. Comprehensive Translation of Will from English to Chinese
  4. Comprehensive Translation of Will from Chinese to English
  5. Corporate Executorship Appointment in a Will
  6. Appointment of Rockwills Trustee Berhad as Administrator (No Will)
  7. Appointment of Rockwills Trustee Berhad as Corporate Trustee for your assets held under a Trust.
  8. Application of Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration by penal of lawyers under Rockwills Group of Companies
  9. Set up of Private trust for Individual for specific purposes,
    • Business Value Protection Trust - To protect your business and it values
    • Declaration of Trust - To protect your assets
    • Trustee for Specific Purpose - Set up trust as you need
    • ‘UProtect’ - To protect your insurance monies
  1. ‘Uprepare’ - An Special Services that help to ‘lock up’ estate administration fees.
  2. Comprehensive Estate Planning Advisory Services
  3. Islamic Estate Planning - As-salihin Berhad
  4. Bereavement Care Services - by services providers
  5. Offshore Estate Planning
  6. Offshore Corporate Services
  7. Other Profession Legal Advisory Services
  8. Wealth Protection
  9. Singapore Will  for Malaysian who ownS assets in Singapore


With the above services, Rockwills provides complete solutions for estate planning and “Making Your Wishes Come True”




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