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Rockwills.biz - Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. | Tel:  03 - 7782 1993
Rockwills.biz - Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. | Tel:  03 - 7782 1993
Rockwills.biz - Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. | Tel:  03 - 7782 1993


What Is UPrepare?

UPrepare is an Estate Administration Services Package offered by Rockwills Trustee Berhad to save estate administration cost and speed up the distribution process.

There are many matters to be settled by an executor before distribution. These include collecting all immovable and movable assets [including bank accounts, vehicles, shares in companies, unit trusts, house etc]; settling the debts of the deceased [including income tax and loans]; and applying for grant of probate and submission of the relevant documents to the High Court; dealing with government authorities and financial institutions.

Appoint us as your executor and buy our UPrepare packages and your family members are saved from all the above inconveniences!

Unique Features of UPrepare:

  • Enjoy today's estate administration rates and hedge against inflation so that your estate is not affected by future rates increase.
  • All the benefits of UPrepare are transferable to any person during your lifetime for a transfer fee of RM100 + GST only.
  • Nationwide access to our Rockwills Estate Planners.
  • Prevent unnecessary delays to distribute the estate to you loved ones.
  • Making the necessary arrangements for legal representation to apply for Grant of Probate.
  • Professional support from experienced and practical professionals within Rockwills Trustee.
UPrepare Types & Benefits

There are two types of UPrepare i.e. UPrepare Diamond and UPrepare Jade 2. Each provides different benefits:

Price RM 1,200 RM 1,800
Refund of UPrepare Subscription Fee Not Applicable Subscription fee of UPrepare will be refunded when estate administration fee charged for the first year is above RM6,000
Executor Appointment Fee Waived for
  • Sole Executor appointment; or
  • 1st Substitute Executor appoinment provided UPrepare is subscribed within 90 days from the date of Will
RM120 is payable for Second or Third Substitute Executor Appoinment
Estate Administration Fee Discount
  • Gross estate value above RM500,000 to RM10 million: 15%
  • Gross estate value above RM10 million: 30%
Period of Fixed Estate Administration Rates Perpetual
Private Trust Administration Discount
(includes Testamentary Trust)
(Where Trust Fund size is above RM100,000)
Transferable to Living Person Yes
(with a RM100 transfer fee charged)

* Please see our Rockwills Estate Planners for administration discount rates.

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